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Enjoy your home massage and feel awesome 😊


In massage we trust ✊

There is a moment for everything and massage is one of them! Any time of the week, our certified massage physiotherapists come directly to your place, with portable massage table, oils and good music to make you feel good ☺️

We like to keep it simple so we design simple massage and duration offers to fit your needs.

Check them out! ❤️


The most popular. This massage works with soft or strong intensity but also as a stress killer, a romantic evening, a gift or after a hard day. Be careful, you might end up sleeping a little 😉

Deep Tissue

You want to stretch your muscles, release the body pressure and feel like a marshmallow? Deep tissue is the best candidate! 😁


Efficient combo with your active lifestyle & workouts. This massage stimulates your body with a lot of energy so you get pumped for the week! 💪


Your home office setup is giving you hard times? You got a muscle cramp? We'll focus on the parts that bother you the most (for hours even 😈)!

How it works?

Tell us what


Select the service you need, pick a time, date and location to book your service.




You receive an email for every mission with information about your Homie.


Find your invoice on your mail or dashboard. Did you like your Homie? We’ll make sure he’s available for you next time!

Meet the homies


We started this adventure creating a service that would make our lives easier. While building our service, we got used to testing all our homies personally to make sure they would fill the standard we wanted for ourselves.

And today? Nothing changed! We still hire, interview and test all of our homies personally before we send them to anyone else 😊


How to choose the right type of massage?
If you want to relax, release slight muscles tension or gift someone, we recommend relaxation type of massage. Deep tissue and sport massage are dedicated to people with reduced pain sensitivity or deeper located tensions.
No matter which type of massage you book, our homie will adapt the strength and massage scope to your personal needs and muscles tension.
How should I prepare to my massage?
Before your massage arrange us a little bit of space to set up portable massage table.
Prepare yourself a bigger towel or a blanket and stay in your underwear or light, comfortable clothes. Relax and enjoy!
What kind of materials do you provide?
We provide all the necessary equipment and accessories to perform your massage, taking care of yours and our homies safety due to Covid-19. We come to you with a portable massage table, liners, surface disinfectant, oils (natural or hypoalergical), optionally speaker.
How the massages for 2 people are organised?
Massages for two are performed one by one, by selected massage therapist, according to your preferences.
What are the contraindications to massage?

  • all conditions with high body temperature (above 38° C), acute and subacute inflammatory conditions
  • selected periods of pregnancy (we don’t provide massages to pregnant women)
  • skin discontinuity, early period after fractures, sprains and dislocations - in such cases, individual healthy joints can be massaged
  • all kinds of dermatological changes
  • cars, bruises, skin inflammations, varicose veins - in such cases, only healthy parts of the body can be massaged
  • allergies to cosmetics used for massage
  • haemorrhages or a tendency to their occurrence
  • uncompensated heart defects, aneurysms, fresh blood clots, fresh heart attack
  • malignant and non-malignant neoplasms
  • post-traumatic strokes in joints and muscles (up to 3 days after injury)
  • phlebitis
  • osteomyelitis with fistulas
  • cavities of the spinal cord
  • all cases requiring surgical intervention
  • persons after surgical procedures. (Massage can be performed 12 months after surgery if it was major and 6 months after minor if the scars are well healed)
  • peptic ulcer disease with bleeding
  • liver and kidney stones
  • hemorrhagic diathesis (platelet, vascular, plasma origin)
  • cardiovascular disorders (hypertension, left atrioventricular valve defects)
  • anemia mainly related to iron and folic acid deficiency
  • leukemia
  • kidney diseases (acute renal failure, glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis, congenital renal defects)
  • pancreatitis
  • gestational diabetes
  • gestosis - a syndrome characterized by hypertension, proteinuria, and edema
  • hyper- and hypothyroidism and parathyroidism
  • people with fever of unknown origin
  • women during menstruation
  • individuals over 80 years of age
  • patients diagnosed with hemophilia
  • individuals with vascular skin.