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We take care of your house so you don't have to 🍿


  • Vacuuming or sweeping and mopping floors and plints cleaning
  • Dusting all the accessible surfaces up to 3m high
  • Cleaning the exterior of cabinets and worktops
  • Arranging household items
  • Taking out garbage & cleaning the bins
  • Removing dust from all accessible lamps
  • Removing cobwebs
  • Wiping down mirrors and frames
  • Setting the washing machine with selected laundry
  • Cleaning the interior of cabinets
  • Cleaning deep dirt from floor surfaces


  • Washing dishes and cleaning the sink
  • Wiping down cupboards and countertops
  • De-limescale the kettle
  • Cleaning microwave and toaster
  • Cleaning the interior of cupboards
  • Cleaning interior of the fridge
  • Cleaning interior of the oven

Living room

  • Cleaning tables and chairs
  • Vacuuming the sofa and arranging cushions


  • Cleaning and disinfecting sink, toilet, shower and bathtub
  • Wiping the mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Removing slight limescale
  • Cleaning grouts


  • Changing bed sheets
  • Making the bed


  • Cleaning floors and railings
  • Cleaning dove feces
We always come with our universal cleaning solvents
We don't provide cleaning tools.
Please prepare: vacuum or broom, mop and a bucket.


At Homie we value quality services as well as human experiences. This is why, for your first cleaning, we come personally with our best homie 💖 for the job to discover your place and review with you all the details. Together, we make sure the homie will focus on the parts that are the most important for you ✨

Once the cleaning is done, we contact you on the phone to make sure everything went well and we make the necessary adjustments for your next cleaning, based on your feedback.

And voilà! From your account panel you can manage your mission as you pleased, being 100% in control of your cleaning service 🤗

Discover bellow what’s included in our 2 cleaning offers: Regular & Deep 🔥

How it works?

Tell us what


Select the service you need, pick a time, date and location to book your service.




You receive an email for every mission with information about your Homie.


Find your invoice on your mail or dashboard. Did you like your Homie? We’ll make sure he’s available for you next time!

Meet the homies


We started this adventure creating a service that would make our lives easier. While building our service, we got used to testing all our homies personally to make sure they would fill the standard we wanted for ourselves.

And today? Nothing changed! We still hire, interview and test all of our homies personally before we send them to anyone else 😊


Do I have to provide cleaning solvents and tools?
We provide universal, domestic cleaning solvents to clean your place perfectly. If you prefer to use yours, e.g. dedicated to exact surfaces like wood, let us know about it once we meet.
Notice: We don’t provide cleaning tools, please provide: vacuum or broom; mop and a bucket, optionally ladder if needed.
Do I have to be at home during the cleaning service?
No worries, you don't have to be at home during the cleaning. If you decide to leave, just make sure we know how to access your home to clean and lock it up once the work is finished.
How to calculate well windows to be cleaned?
To add the right number of windows to be cleaned just count the window leafs - all separated glazed surfaces.
How can I reschedule my cleaning?
If you want to change the date of one of your cleaning missions contact us.
If you want to change the day or frequency of regular cleaning service cancel your service and rebook it with a new date or frequency.
Do you do post-construction cleaning service?
No, we don't provide this type of cleaning.
Are you pets friendly?
Absolutely! Price of the cleaning stays the same. If you have furry family members just please make sure they are well secured during the cleaning (especially windows & balcony cleaning)
Do you do sofa upholstery cleaning?
No, we don't provide such a service.